Back Head

Installed the oil connections (input /output) and the gas valve.

Maximized energy

The nitrogen gas in the back head is compressed once the piston moves upward by the oil pressure and accumulation of the energy, which is converted into the blow energy effectively as the piston descends.

Valve System

Specially designed valve system for:

Structural Safety

The Safety increases efficiency and protection in housing and the valve provides smooth operation and control functions of the piston.

Cylinder Regulator

The regulator increases working efficiency regulating the breaker power and the number of impacts by controlling moving distance of the piston.

Valve Regulator

The Valve controls the oil flow and the rated pressure in the breaker.


The accumulator composed of a rubber film, is compressed by the nitrogen gas in the upper part and is connected with the cylinder at the blow part. It protects pump output or base machine.

Shock Absorption System

The shock absorption system enhances equipment durability in impact and increases efficiency with oil supplements.


The piston is installed in the cylinder, which converts oil pressure into impact power to break rocks.


Quality proven materials in intensity, anti-wear, heat resistance, enacity, anti-impact, internal pressure lengthen the life of piston.

Post Management

The appropriate quality assurance system offers quality satisfaction.

Through Bolt

The 4 units of the bolts firmly fix the important components onto the breaker which reduce internal torsion stress to increase life.

Full Box Bracket

It protects inner body and reduces noise & maintenance.


The Heat-treated tool for breaking rocks.

Moil Point

Suitable for most of demolition, road construction, pier work as well as civil engineering. It is a universal tool.

Chisel ( Wedge / In-line chisel )

Suitable for most of demolition, concrete cutting, digging, narrow trending as well as tunnel construction.

Blunt end

Suitable for reducing over size boulders in mine as well as a quarry.

Hydraulic Rock Hammer India

Front head

The front head supports the breaker and assembly with the bush, buffering shocks from the chisel.

Auto-greasing System (Optional)

The Auto-greasing system provides working efficiency as well as enhance breaker durability.

Underwater System (Optional)

Remote location of air-check valve from the impact point prevents dust influx into the breaker. The underwater operation is available with unique device installation even in deep water. Combination with Auto-grease device offers improved efficiency.